BetterMynd is a social impact startup that provides access to mental health services for America's 20 million college students.

In recent years, the number of college students seeking mental health counseling has skyrocketed. However, the vase majority of colleges have struggled to support students' mental health. This is due to several factors like:

Increased Demand

The number of students seeking mental health counseling has increased more than 60% since 2020.

Lack of Access

Over 50% of college students have difficulty finding treatment for mental health concerns due to lack of resources on campus, financial hardships, and long wait times at community resources.

Our Mission

I founded BetterMynd in 2017 because of the mental health challenges that I experienced myself as a college student. I know how hard it can be to ask for help when struggling, so I created an online experience with the mission of making getting help easier for any college student that needs it.

Today, BetterMynd serves over 50 college campuses across the country to supplement the mental health and wellbeing of more than a half-million students. We look forward to the opportunity to show you how we can support your student population as well!

Cody Semrau
Founder & CEO